Dental Insurance

Why Choose A&B Insurance For Your Dental Insurance Needs?

At A&B, our goal is to make finding your ideal insurance plan simple. Whether your dental needs are big or small, and no matter your financial situation, we offer a wide selection of reasonably priced coverage and walk you through what can sometimes be a complicated process. Dental insurance primarily focuses on covering low-cost, preventive treatments. Most plans cover up to 100% of the costs of routine preventative dental care such as cleanings and oral exams, 80% of basic treatments such as fillings, and 50% of major services like root canals or crowns. By purchasing a dental policy with A&B Insurance , you are also purchasing the peace of mind that your teeth will be well taken care of.

PPO Dental Plans

Dental PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans allow you to select the dentist or dental specialist of your choice while still getting a great rate. PPO dentists participate in a network that operates under a certain insurance carrier, and all the dentists in this network provide plan members with a lower cost of care than would be charged a non-PPO member. Typically, PPO members pay a certain percentage of the reduced rate (called coinsurance) and the plan pays the rest. The percentage usually varies by type of coverage, such as diagnostic and preventive, major services, etc. For example, preventive services may be covered at 80% (you would pay 20%), while crowns and bridges may be covered at 50%. PPOs usually require you to meet a deductible and have an annual maximum amount of coverage (example: $1,000 per year). While you will have the lowest out-of-pocket costs if you visit a PPO dentist, the plan is flexible and allows you to visit the dentist that meets your needs, even if he or she is not in the network.

Plans For All Ages

When your children are young, they require more attention to building and maintaining healthy smiles. Cavities, braces, and chipped teeth are all things you may encounter. When you or a family member starts to age past around 60, root canals and dentures become the more common concerns. At Americare Quotes, we are dedicated to assisting you in sorting through a variety of plans and finding one with the necessary coverage, no matter what stage of life you are in!

Dental Implants Covered

Dental implants are artificial replacements for missing teeth or roots. They function as alternatives to dentures as they are more stable and more comfortable. Most dental insurance plans exclude this procedure from their benefits because it is more expensive, but Americare Quotes knows the value of your smile, and our select plans include coverage for dental implants.

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